A beautiful view of the south Grand Canyon with perfect lighting and cloud shadows. A man enjoying a Grand Canyon south rim tour. An old tree in the Grand Canyon on a beautiful day. South Grand Canyon in winter time.

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This site guides you to find the best tours to the Grand Canyon and to the best rates. Helicopter tours from Las Vegas, with a Grand Canyon landing, are the most popular day tours . Champagne picknick and limosine pick-up is usually included. There are several good helicopter tours but also great airplane, bus and rafting tours!


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There are many ways to go to Grand Canyon. Think about how you want to get there and how much you want to spend. It is best to book a tour beforehand, then you are able to choose between the best options and you don't have to waste time on your journey and risk sold-out tours. Here you will find selected day trips with helicopter, airplane and bus.


Helicopter landed in Grand Canyon

Helicopter tours to Grand Canyon

There are many excellent options if you want to go to the Grand Canyon by helicopter. The helicopter lands inside the canyon and you will enjoy a champagne picnic. These tours take about four hours in total. More...


View over South Grand Canyon from a airlpmae.

Airplane tours with options

Small airplanes fly to both the west and south rim of the Grand Canyon. These tours offer optional upgrades, such as helicopter rides and a boat ride on the Colorado river. More...


Multi activities with helicopter in Grand Canyon

Helicopter tours with more time

When you want to spend more time in the Grand Canyon, these tours are for you! More viewpoints and more activities are included or are available as upgrades. Take a boat trip on the river or visit the Grand Canyon Skywalk. More...


Different bus tours are parked in the Grand Canyon

Bus tours to both rims

Choose between going to the west or south rim of the Grand Canyon by bus. These are full-day tours and upgrades with boat and helicopter are available. More...

Traveler’s stories from Grand Canyon tours!

Finally time for a real adventure! At 10:30 a limo came to pick us up outside our hotel in Las Vegas. It took us out to the airport where a helicopter was waiting for us. What a breathtaking experience when the helicopter lifted off the ground and flew a few meters up in the air and forward. Completely different feeling in comparison with an airplane. In the helicopter we got headphones as well as a "walkie talkie" microphone so we could communicate with each other. During the tour we also got to hear a recorded guided tour of the areas we saw below us. Just before the Grand Canyon increased pilot in height and when we passed the giant wall we had the Grand Canyon below us. What a miracle! The pilot made an interesting maneuver, once again, I got to feel what it's like to be in a scene on an action movie. Once down in the valley we had a picnic in a party tent that they had there. It was the only shadow there was, 40 degrees! Then it was back into the helicopter for more sightseeing and then back to Las Vegas where the limousine was waiting to drive us back to our hotel. - Anna (July)
Today was the best day, it was finally time for a helicopter tour from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon. Included in the price is that you will be picked up by limo at the hotel to drive you to the airport. We were ready at 11.30 am. Me and Anna were very nervous and we were almost going to back out ..... luckily we didn't. What an experience it was! We all went in the same helicopter and had a super nice pilot. We flew up slowly and gently, and began with a tour of "The Strip" then we flew out into the Nevada desert, Lake Mead, Hoover Dam, Colorado River and on to the Grand Canyon. This was incredibly beautiful, you can see in the pictures but in reality it is so much more beautiful. The pilot explained that it is rare with snow, but we got to experience it. It was a sunny but icy day. The flight took 90 minutes. I wouldn't have mind staying a little longer in the Grand Canyon before the helicopter took us back to Las Vegas. Back at the airport limousine was waiting to drive us back to the hotel. This limousine was bigger and cooler than the one we went yesterday, when we took one between two hotels in Las Vegas. - Sofie (February)
Now we have just come back to Las Vegas after an incredible experience, we have gone over and landed with helicopter down in the Grand Canyon. Something more grand is hard to imagine, and I felt very small when I was down at the river. We were invited for a picnic with champagne and we drank most obviously, you can't leave leftovers in the reserve :-). We also flew over the Hoover Dam. If you ever come to Las Vegas, you can't miss this kind of a tour. - Rasmus (October)

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