Adventures in Grand Canyon

There are many good options when you looking for adventure in Grand Canyon. You could for instance book a tour with outdoor camping or organize your own hiking experience. There are a couple of demanding hikes that requires outdoor camping and that really would test your organizing skills!

Overnight stay tours

The tours to Grand Canyon are usually for just one day, but there are a couple of tours that goes on for two to seven days. The longer tours include some of the most beautiful and popular national parks in the US, like Zion and Bryce Canyon which both are in the vicinity of Grand Canyon. On some of the tours listed below, it is possible to choose between outdoor camping and hotel.


There are opportunities for adventures in the Grand Canyon for those who want to spend more time there. It’s possible to hike to into Grand Canyon and back up again. The best time for hiking is in the spring or in the beginning of fall. Hiking is available both at Grand Canyon north (less people) and Grand Canyon south (more popular). Always allow for at least two days when hiking from the top to bottom and back. Accomodation is usually in a cabin or in tents close to the Colorado river. We recommend visiting the official Grand Canyon web site for planning a larger adventure.


If you want to experience a one day adventure in the Grand Canyon, take a look at the rafting tour below. Rafting enthusiasts all over the world dream about going to Colorado river. The tour brings you down into the canyon by helicopter.

Raft the Grand Canyon