Grand Canyon by car

South Grand Canyon

If you choose to go to the Grand Canyon by car, go to the south Grand Canyon. It takes less than five hours to drive there and the view is better. The only fee at the south rim is a national park fee per car and week of $25. The west rim is very expensive by car and the you need to drive partly on gravel which is usually prohibited for rental cars.

Directions: Las Vegas – South Grand Canyon

Air tours

There is a small town only a few minutes from the south rim. It is called Tusayan and a couple of airplane and helicopter tours start here. We think that the best experience here is the 45 minute helicopter tour. There is a helicopter tour for 25 minutes as well, but it costs almost as much as the longer one. When you have taken yourself this far we think it should be done properly. There are several departures each day. If you don’t want to drive yourself, consider this 2-day tour to south Grand Canyon that departs from Las Vegas.

Tours at Tusayan

A flying helicopter over Grand Canyon South

45-minute Helicopter Flight Over the Grand Canyon from Tusayan

Price from: £250
Traveler rating:
Departs from: Tusayan
Duration: 45 minutes
Info: Your tour beings at the Grand Canyon airport in Tusayan, Arizona. Fly over the ponderosa pines of Kaibab National Forest on a 45-minute helicopter excursion from the Grand Canyon South Rim. Upstream on the Colorado River are views of the Painted Desert and Desert View Watchtower. View Marble Canyon and Point Imperial as you fly through the Canyon and climb above the North Rim to head south through the Dragon Corridor, the Canyon’s widest and deepest section.  More info, rates and booking…

A Grand Canyon helicopter sign at departure.

25-minute Helicopter Flight Over the south Grand Canyon

Price from: £195
Traveler rating:
Departs from: Tusayan
Duration: 25 minutes
Info: Depart from the Grand Canyon airport in Tusayan, Arizona for an exhilarating 25-minute scenic flight out of the South Rim of the Grand Canyon over the Kaibab National Forest. Aboard the state-of-the-art ECO-Star helicopter, enjoy breathtaking views through wraparound windows as you fly over the mighty Colorado River towards the Canyon’s North Rim. See the Tower of Ra and Vishnu Schist as you fly back through the Dragon Corridor, the widest and deepest section of the Grand Canyon.  More info, rates and booking…

Hotel in Grand Canyon

Since it takes almost 10 hours to south Grand Canyon and back, you should stay at least for one night. There are a couple of decent hotels to reasonable rates in Tusayan. This is also where the small airport that tours depart from is. During peak season the hotel rates might be high, consider looking in the town Williams in that case. It is also possible to stay the night inside the Canyon in tents or at the Phantom Ranch.

Rental car in Grand Canyon

An important detail for getting to Grand Canyon is of course the rental car. There are a couple of things to think about and you can read about that here. Use the search engine below to find the best rates for your rental car.


Hiking in the Grand Canyon is a great experience if you are athletic. If you want to hike all the way down to the bottom and up, we strongly recommend staying one night at the bottom. It’s not impossible to do it in one day but it is strongly discouraged. Do not attempt to do it during summer time. For more information, see the National Park Service website on Grand Canyon hiking.