Grand Canyon Skywalk

West Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Skywalk is located at the west rim. It is an U-shaped construction with a floor of glass that is extended 21 metres out from the rim, 1450 metres above the Colorado river. The Skywalk was constructed in 2007 and it cost over $30 million to build. The construction is extremely strong and can handle an amazing 35 000 tonnes!

Getting there

Some of the longer helicopter tours may offer the Grand Canyon Skywalk as an optional upgrade, see here. All bus tours that take you to the west Grand Canyon include the Skywalk as an option. By airplane, there is one tour that lands at the west rim and it possible to add a visit to the Skywalk, read about it here.

Driving to the west rim

If you drive to west Grand Canyon, it is possible to purchase a package that includes the Grand Canyon Skywalk for $80 per person. The last 30 kilometres of driving is on poor gravel. Make sure your car rental company allows driving here. When taking the car to the Grand Canyon, we recommend driving to the south rim.

Directions: Las Vegas – Västra Grand Canyon

Upgrade prices

If your tour offers an upgrade to see the Skywalk, it is usually for a cost of about €20. Add this at the time of booking to get the best deal.