Grand Canyon helicopter tour review


The feeling of luxury appeared immediately when the limousine slid in front of the hotel to pick just us. Finally the day for our long awaited helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon. The four of us (me and my husband as well as two friends) were the first ones in the limousine, which then proceeded to other hotels to pick up two more pairs. It was my first limousine ride.

Pick up at the hotel in Las Vegas.

Before departure to Grand Canyon at Las Vegas Airport.

Helicopter before takeoff to Grand Canyon

Mccarran International Airport from above.


While we waited for the pilot we had to read an info note and see an instructional video. Louis, our pilot, took us out to a nice burgundy / gold colored helicopter. In addition to us four, there was a couple from South Africa . Best place to see and photograph was in the two front seats. We shifted about those places but the view was very good from all seats in the helicopter. We took on a life jacket (sounds weird but we were flying over Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam), safety belt and headphones. Louis informed during the trip through the headphones what we saw below us.

Las Vegas from above

It started off good with a Las Vegas view from above, a whole new perspective than we have seen before. It was so fun to recognize the buildings around the Strip from above . Louis took an extra lap of the city with us because we were so fascinated. Fairly quickly came Lake Mead , just clear blue and beautiful in the midst of the arid desert landscape. Hoover Dam was bigger than we imagined, even though we have already been there and walked around. Though it is a desert you fly over it is a very varied landscape you get to experience. The desert is both more beautiful and more mountainous than we ever imagined.

The Las Vegas Strip from a helicopter tour perspective.

Lake Mead from the helicopter to Grand Canyon.

Aerial view of Lake Mead.

Hoover dam from a helicopter perspektive.

Arriving in Grand Canyon

We flew to the Grand Canyon’s western part where the Colorado River flows like a coiling snake down the valley. Louis landed us on a plateau. Most interesting , in addition to spectacular views of the Grand Canyon , where the vegetation . Simply amazing that anything at all grows there. There were dry bushes and juicy cacti. Any single flower also passed the dry environment. We were treated to champagne as Louis made ready a great picnic table.

The Colorodo river surrounded by the Grand Canyon valley

Helicopter landing on a private bluff in the Grand Canyon.

Picnic in the Grand Canyon with the helicopter pilot.

Picture of the helicopter pilot on our way to Las Vegas from Grand Canyon with the desert in view.

Return home

On the return trip it was my turn to sit in the front, which resulted in many fine pictures. The feeling of happiness was complete when we got to see a herd of wild horses. After landing on the airport, the limo took us home. The entire tour lasted about four hours and was a really lovely experience.

Reviewed by,
Carina, March 2014