An helicopter flying in the sunset in the Grand Canyon. A view of the Grand Canyon Skywalk. A helicopter tour is about to start in Tusayan.

Helicopter to Grand Canyon – deluxe

More time and better viewing points

We have selected a couple of great tours for those of you who want to spend more time and experience more when flying helicopter to Grand Canyon. In these tours, which all take you to the west Grand Canyon, landing in the Grand Canyon is included (except for the Viator-tour where it is an optional add-on). It is possible to add the experience of walking on the Grand Canyon Skywalk. In general, more time on these tours provide more opportunities to enjoy different viewing sites and to do more activities. Read through the options and choose what you want to do at the time of booking!

Grand Canyon Skywalk

You can add the Grand Canyon skywalk for all tours below. The Skywalk is a horseshoe-shaped bridge that extends 21 meters out from the edge, 1450 meters above the Colorado river. The price for adding this is around €20 or a bit more. Most people who fly helicopter to Grand Canyon don’t get to to see this. Read more about the Grand Canyon Skywalk.

Selected tours

West rim helictoper tour in sunset

Viator-exclusive helicopter tour to Grand Canyon with optional landing in the Rim and Skywalk upgrade

Traveler rating:
Departs from: Las Vegas
Duration: 7 hours
Info: Take a deluxe helicopter tour from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon West Rim. At the Grand Canyon, you’ll have time to explore its beauty on your own and then take an optional helicopter tour down to a private bluff in the canyon. At the West Rim, you’ll also have the option to walk on the Skywalk. 

Rates from: £450
Helicopter before takeoff to the Grand Canyon.

Ultimate 3-in-1 Grand Canyon Tour with both airplane and helicopter

Traveler rating:
Departs from: Las Vegas
Duration: 6 hours
Info: After a comfortable flight to the Grand Canyon West Rim from Las Vegas, enjoy an exciting helicopter tour to a private site along the Colorado River. Visit Eagle Point and Hualapai Village on a coach tour along the rim, followed by a BBQ lunch at Guano Point overlooking the breathtaking canyon. Upgrade to the Grand Canyon Skywalk for unbelievable panoramic views! 

Rates from: £380