Grand Canyon hotels

For longer trips

Trips to Grand Canyon is usually a one day excursion. If you choose one of the tours from Las Vegas, Los Angeles or Phoenix, then you don’t have to worry about hotels. A hotel is only needed if you drive to Grand Canyon south, for example if you want to do hiking. Follow the link below to see hotel offers around Grand Canyon. Use the map on the site to get a good overview over where to stay overnight.

Las Vegas

Almost everybody who goes to see the Grand Canyon visits Las Vegas. Las Vegas has a lot to offer and it’s a city you shouldn’t miss out on! The hotels are often very affordable (with the exception of certain popular weekends) and it is a good opportunity to try more luxurious hotel rooms for excellent rates. We recommend staying at a hotel along the Las Vegas Strip. Our favorite hotel is Aria which is a five star hotel inside the City Center area. Another very good choice is MGM Signature, a 4.5-star hotel with only suites. Both hotels are located right in the middle of the Las Vegas Strip. For more in-depth tips, read our travel guide for Las Vegas.